Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets within the home are one of the largest purchasers you will make and keeping them in good condition is vital to extending their life span. Carpet retailers and manufactures recommend cleaning your carpets on a regular basis and more so if they are in high traffic areas or if you have children or pets.

Cleaning your carpets regularly will eliminate 99.9% of bacteria commonly found deep within your carpets and dust and abrasive particles resulting in less wear and pile abrasion. It is also clinically proven to increase your heath and wellbeing. By cleaning your carpets regularly will also reduce the chances of carpet moth which will eat away at your carpets leaving them totally fibre free leading to balled spots in areas behind furniture which will result in replacing expensive carpet in that room. But not catching this early enough could result in replacing the carpets throughout the property and in worst cases could lead to all your furnishings and clothing being damaged.

We can also offer scotch guarding which will protect your carpets from spit-ages and stains which will give you more time to clean up the stain before it can do any damage. Please tell us if you would like this service done when booking your clean as the treatment needs more time for the booking.

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