Terms and Conditions

Customer may cancel at least 48 hours* prior the agreed scheduled works. Customer agrees to pay £50 cancellation fee. If the customer changes the time/date less than 48 hours* prior to the scheduled works Customer agrees to pay £50 fee.

*48 hours is working business days/hours Monday to Friday 8am till 6pm. Note voice messages will not be accepted out of these hours.

Customer must pay in full on completion of the works, Payment is accepted via cash, bank transfer or cheque. If paying by cheque the customer will be responsible for all bank and legal charges resulting from a dishonoured cheque. Customer agrees that if payment is not made on the day of the clean then late payment charges may be added to the final bill this charge is £75,00 plus £10,00 daily there after. If as a result we have to use a debt collection agency or take legal action to secure payment customer agrees to pay all legal cost.

The professional cleaning company has a public and employer’s liability insurance, the insurance policy will cover accidental damage caused by The professional cleaning company. The customer accepts and understands that breakages/damage must be reported within 24 hours* of the service
date, Failure to do so entitle customer to a no claim. In the case of damage The professional cleaning company will rectify the problem by repairing or crediting the customer with the items present actual value.

The works
All fragile and highly breakable items must be secured or removed before any cleaning process starts. The professional cleaning company has the right to refuse any works if the working conditions are not suitable or are dangerous. The professional cleaning company will charge for the time it takes to make working areas suitable to work in. The professional cleaning company reserves the right to add extra charges due to the customer having a cat/dog or other hairy pets 25% extra will be charged to the overall bill this is due to the hair slowing down the cleaning process. The professional cleaning company advises that the customer or a customers representative must be present at the time of completion of the works so an inspection can be carried out and any corrections can be made if needed. If the customer has an inventory check then it must be scheduled to commence no later than *48 hours* after the cleaning works have been carried out If the customer is not completely satisfied with the cleaning job a complaint must be logged within 24 hours* from that date, the complaint must be in writing.

We The professional cleaning company are not liable for third parties entering the customers premises during the cleaning process. Wear or discolouring of carpets / fabrics or surfaces that becoming more visible once dirt has been removed. Failing to remove old / permanent stains that cannot be removed using our cleaning methods. Existing damage or spillages that cannot be cleaned /removed completely using our cleaning methods. Damage caused by cleaning process to carpets / upholstery discolouring, joins / defaults in the carpets / upholstery.