The Truck Mounted Cleaning System

With our truck mounted cleaning system this is the best why to get your carpets or upholstery’s clean. With a simple process we first pre- spray the carpets or upholstery’s with the required prochem chemicals for the right fibre or fabric this detergent will clean and condition and break down dirt, grease and crime from the required areas If needed with will spot clean suborn areas as well. Then we run a vacuum and water hose to the far end of the property and attach the required cleaning tool to them, we carry 300 feet of hoses so we can normally get to a 6th floor flat with no problem. Then we start The Truck Mounted Cleaning System set the water temperature and water pressure to the cleaning requirements now we are ready to go.

During the steam cleaning process all the water a dirt residue will be vacuumed back to a tank within the vehicle for safe disposal leaving them throughly rinsed of any residue drying within a few hours depending on weather conditions. All your furniture will be replace back to their original positions and placed on foil tabs leaving the rooms ready to use and hassle free for you with minimal disruption. This outperforms regular professional portable machines as they cannot preform deep cleans and vacuum power isn’t their so your carpets will be wetter for longer in some cases their can be wet for days which can cause many problems such as shrinkage of your carpets or mould underneath leading to smelly carpets.

All little bit more…

  • Cleans carpets 25 times deeper than any portable unit
  • Drying within 1-2 hours
  • Fully trained, fully insured up to £3 million pounds
  • DBS checked formally known as CRB checked
  • Only the latest technology and chemicals used
  • Furniture moved and replaced with care at no extra cost where possible ( most companies will charge extra for this service)
  • 10% OAP, NHS and emergency services discount
  • Anti-Allergy treatment for asthma and allergy sufferers Clinically proven to improve your health.

We use the latest systems for the best results possible for getting your carpets & upholstery back to just like new. With our affordable services you don’t have to waste time and money doing it yourself.