Sofa Cleaning Tunbridge Wells

Mrs Coleman from Tunbridge wells instructed us to clean her corner sofa due to number of stains to it and a general freshen up. The sofa had milk and food spillages and dust and hair to it so using our Truck mounted cleaning system this will deep clean the entire sofa.

The process is we spot treat the stains with prochem chemicals which are market leaders in carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Then we pre spray the hole sofa with a detergent which we leave for 10 minutes to settle into the fabric. The last process is to steam clean it using our cleaning system which will not only clean the sofa but sanitise it making this safe for Mrs Colemans children to sit on. After serval hours the sofa will be totally dry and ready for using again.

Sofa cleaning Tunbridge Wells

Crowborough social club

We have cleaned this social club for a number of years now cleaning the carpets, chairs and bench seats which due to its size and convenience to our client is spread over 2 days. The carpets and upholstery requires a deep clean due to its high traffic areas and the serving of food and beverages.

We start with cleaning the larger of the function rooms cleaning the carpet first then cleaning 200 hundred chairs moving on to the stage and bench setting. The second day is in the green room which is largely made up of bench setting with 40 chairs and a carpeted area.

Crowborough social club use us because of our flexibility in starting early and the fast drying process which is achieved using our Truck mounted cleaning system.

Carpet cleaning crowborough