the Professional Cleaning Company advanced training for upholstery, leather and fine fabric cleaning.

The Professional Cleaning Company advanced upholstery & leather cleaning and fine fabric cleaning.

We at The Professional cleaning Company have just recently come back from a Upholstery and leather advanced cleaning technique course at Prochem Academy in Chessington Surrey.

This course is designed for professional and contract cleaners in the domestic and commercial cleaning market.
Covering all types of fabric cleaning, this valuable course examines everything from inspecting and testing to wet and dry solvent cleaning of upholstery, leather and fine textiles.

We at The Professional Cleaning Company Tunbridge Wells continue to strive and stay above our competitors but the way of continuous training and updating our techniques for even better cleans from our highly trained and motivated staff.

Upholstery conditions
Soil levels, wear and fading, soil types
Upholstery cleaning methods
Low moisture, dry solvent cleaning, wet cleaning, leather cleaning
Fibre identification
Natural or synthetic, tensile strength test, burn test
Fabric types and reaction to cleaning
Flat weave, velvets, tapestry, cotton prints
Professional survey check and test for:-
Dye bleed, wet or dry solvent cleaning, shrinkage, soiling, distortion, fillings, swealing
Chemistry of cleaning
pH scale, correct use of products
Stain removal and specail treatments
Water or solvent soluble stains, deodorisers, fabric protectors
Furniture classification chart for timing and pricing

The Professional Cleaning Company Tunbridge Wells advanced training.

The Professional Cleaning Company Tunbridge Wells advanced training with Prochem academy on carpet & rug cleaning.

We at The Professional Cleaning Company Continue to extend our knowledge in the way of ongoing training making sure we are up to date with new fashionable carpets and rug fibres. We do this so that you our customs know that we are fully aware of the construction and possible cleaning problems associated with new and expensive carpets and rugs in the market at present.

This superb in-depth course that we went on incorporates all the theoretical and practical elements and advanced dye techniques, rug identification and advanced stain removal.

Carpet conditions
Soil levels, wear and fixings, soil types
Carpet cleaning methods
Dry cleaning, low moisture methods, hot water soil extraction, combination cleaning
Carpet construction
How to identify tufted or woven, carpet backings and related risks
Fibre identification
Natural or synthetic and related problems, burn/fibre test
Chemistry of cleaning
pH scale, correct use of products, dye bleed test
Stain removal
How to test for solvent or water soluble stains, application techniques, A to Z spotting guide
Special treatments
Presprays/pre-treatments, extraction detergents/rinses, deodorisers, protectors, defoamer
Rug cleaning.