Commercial Cleaning

Regular professional commercial carpet & upholstery cleaning will maintain the appearance and extend the lifetime of your fibres and fabrics. Dirty carpets & upholstery wear out more quickly as dirt and grit gets ground into the fibres causing them to fray. Add to this the health risks such as viruses, bacteria, fungal spores and allergies posed by dirty fabrics & fibres. Studies have shown that cleaned carpets & upholstery improve indoor air quality and properly maintained, act as a filter to hold soil, debris and other contaminants, preventing them from becoming airborne.

The Professional Cleaning Co uses a truck mounted carpet & upholstery cleaning system. The benefit to our clients is deeper cleaning and faster drying times, also where power and water supply may be a problem this isn’t the case with us. Our truck mounted cleaning system holds water on-board our vehicles and the power is self generated from the carpet & upholstery cleaning system also on-board the vehicle.